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General Information

We are a small alpaca farm on the outskirts of Newton County. Although other livestock such as chickens, pigs, a llama, and a donkey can be found on our farm; our livestock of choice is the alpaca. We currently have a herd of 45 of all colors and sizes that keep us busy, especially during the Fall and Spring show seasons. Due to their small size, gentle nature, and easy care alpacas are the perfect choice of livestock. We breed, sell, and show our animals, but our main source of income comes fro

Inside An Alpaca Show

The alpaca lifestyle has many facets. Along with the less than pleasant tasks of scooping poop, running fecal tests, and giving shots there are the many positive aspects of the industry. One of the best parts of this wonderful industry is the many new relationships that are formed in the process of marketing and taking care of your animals and the show circuit is the best venue for spending time with friends and acquaintances that you would not otherwise get to see. Although it is possible to be

Unexpected Blessings

Friday, March 11, 2011 started pretty much the same as any other Friday. Michael and I were at work and Michael just happened to me sitting in my office when his phone rang. I watched his expression trying to determine whether the caller was imparting good news or bad. I finally decided that it must not be all bad because he looked kind of excited, but it must not be all good either because he also looked sort of confused and uncertain. As I sat there watching him I heard him say “Let me talk t

A Cria's Story

Anyone who has been in the business of breeding and raising alpacas will know what I mean when I talk about the excitement and anticipation that leads up to the birth of a new cria. It’s one of those feelings that never really go away whether this is your first cria or your last. Well, this particular one was number three for us.
We had purchased two females; one was an old pro who had given birth over and over with no issues, the other her yearling daughter. Finally our little one reached